2. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS

According to my ”year in review” from last.fm, she is the most scrobbled artist of the year! I’ve listened to both her two last albums (I discovered her this year) so many times. This record was a challenge, a surprise and a whole new discovery for me. It’s almost like I found a new galaxy. When I listen to her music, I feel happy. I have this feeling that I am in the middle of a room, I observe the walls that surround me and all of a sudden a river is born through the space in between and bursts into an ocean of colours. At the end I feel so special 🙂 Once again I think this music is so meditative.

3. Julianna Barwick – Will

4. Arve Henriksen, Hilmar Jensson & Skúli Sverrisson – Saumur

5. Amiina -Fantômas

6. Xeno & Oaklander – Topiary

7. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Orphée

8. Steve Hauschildt – Strands

9. Clark – The Last Panthers

10. Eluvium – False Readings On

11. Alex Somers – Captain Fantastic (Music From The Film)

12. Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch

13. Agnes Obel – Citizen of Glass

14. Dan Lissvik – Midnight

15. Anohni – Hopelessness

16. El Perro Del Mar – KoKoro

17. Tasseomancy – Do Easy

18. La Femme – Mystère

19. Anonymous Choir – Anonymous Choir Sings STAX

20. Plaid – The Digging Remedy


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