Sóley – Never Cry Moon [ A Number Of Small Things, 2017]

Icelandic favourite is back with a brand new song! I already love this year. ‘Endless Summer’ will be available from the 5th May 2017 through Morr Music.


13. Agnes Obel – Citizen Of Glass

Agnes Obel experiments with a wide range of new instruments and pushes the idea further, distorting vocals to the point where she is unrecognisable vocally. Breathtaking vocals, ethereal piano and cello compositions. Ideal album for the dark cold nights 🙂

14. Dan Lissvik – Midnight

15. Anohni – Hopelessness

16. El Perro Del Mar – KoKoro

17. Tasseomancy – Do Easy

18. La Femme – Mystère

19. Anonymous Choir – Anonymous Choir Sings STAX

20. Plaid – The Digging Remedy